Give Back Tuesday: Community Partners & Why We Love Them

Community is a term thrown around by knowledgeable people, and while the word is difficult to describe, the organizations that make up our Community are not.

Meaningful Community organizations require the commitment of the entire lives of hundreds of individuals spanning the course of generations. Many Cincinnatians dedicate their entire lives to a Community organization; people that we may never hear of, or even know their names. But without their entire life commitment, and that of many others, the Community organizations would not be what they are in our lives today.

That fact, that it takes the commitment of hundreds of people's entire lives over the course of generations to create the quality organizations that make up our Community resonates profoundly with us at Cincinnati Watch Company.

We take a moment to highlight our favorite community organizations today on Give Back Tuesday.

1. Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal

Union Terminal Rotunda

The Cincinnati Museum Center is close to everyone in Cincinnati. Our Parents and Grandparents have stories of how they came in and out of Cincinnati Union Terminal as kids and the lasting impact it had on them.

Simply walking up to the art deco masterpiece is awe inspiring. The Cincinnati Museum Center not only adds tremendous value to our lives in the education it serves us, and the play area for the kids in the Winter time, but importantly the CMC functions as a prosperous way for the Union Terminal to survive & thrive today.

While other art deco train stations from this period were torn down across the Country, as ours almost was, having the Cincinnati Museum Center in the Union Terminal has given the Union Terminal new life, one that brings immense quality to our day to day lives that we are grateful for.

A portion of the sale of every Union Terminal Watch and Concourse watch is donated to the Cincinnati Museum Center. Please consider making a direct donation to the Cincinnati Museum Center or purchasing a 2024 Museum Pass.

2. Tri-State Warbird Museum

Tri-State Warbird Museum: Restored P-40M WW2 era Warbird




p-40M Warbird at the Tri-State Warbird Museum in Batavia Ohio

Click Here to be directed to the Tri-State Warbird Museum's Website to donate or learn more ways to contribute.


3. Free Store Foodbank

Food waste is a major issue in the United States, so much so that Cincinnati Kroger offered a 1 Million dollar prize for a solution to help end food waste. Wasted food from large organizations is a two fold problem: wasted food could feed someone, and food rotting in the landfill creates methane gas and can be problematic to the landfill process.

The food waste problem is extremely large; the logistics of moving aging food from organizations to the people that need it in a timely manner is massive. This massive logistical issue is what the FreeStore Foodbank deals with every day. Cincinnati's FreeStore Foodbank efficiently works behind the scenes to keep food out of landfills and in the bellies of children and families who need it.

Our Field Watch, the Cincinnatus Centurion, is dedicated to all the local "soldiers" fighting the battle of hunger in the Tri-state of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

A portion of the sale of every Cincinnatus Centurion is donated to the Free Store Foodbank general fund.

Please consider making a direct donation to the Free Store Foodbank Here.

Thank you!!! See You at the Museum!