In-House Watch Assembly

From the beginning when Rick Bell & Mark Stegman envisioned the Cincinnati Watch Company the goal was to bring watch assembly back to Cincinnati starting with having an in house watch maker.

Precision Watches:

  • Inspected
  • Assembled
  • Tested
  • Certified
  • and Warrantied in Cincinnati, Ohio. USA

We're very proud to say our watches are assembled in Cincinnati by our Co-Owner and Certified Watchmaker, Jordan Ficklin. The purchase of your Cincinnati Watch Company watch not only supports a great non-profit, but also supports a very accomplished American Watchmaker!

5 year plan, if we're fortunate to continue to grow we can hire dedicated watch assemblers under the quality craftsmanship and certification of The Watchmaker Jordan Ficklin. Let's Grow! 

Meet The Watchmaker: Jordan Ficklin

Watchmaker Jordan Ficklin


Jordan Ficklin obtained his WOSTEP (Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Education Program) diploma from the Lititz Watch Technium in 2006.

Jordan Ficklin is AWCI (American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute) CW21 (Certified Watchmaker of the 21st Century).

20 Years Watchmaking Experience

Jordan has worked continuously in the watch industry since 2001 when he began in watch sales and minor repairs. He has worked as an independent watch repairer and received brand-specific training from both Omega and Rolex.

Not Simply Certified, Jordan Was The Instructor!

Jordan Ficklin is not only AWCI certified; he spent the last 7 years as the Executive Director of the AWCI, educating future watchmakers and enthusiasts alike.

AWCI Certified Watchmaker in Cincinnati, Ohio USA 

Highest Watchmaking Standards

Jordan’s involvement with Cincinnati Watch Company will ensure the watch you receive is of the utmost standards. He will assemble, regulate, and pressure test each watch before it ships to you!

Here The Watchmaker explains the adjustment and certification of your movement prior to sending to you.

Watch Assembly in Cincinnati, USA

In the future Jordan’s vast experience will help us grow as more watch assemblers are needed, they will benefit from his expert tutelage. We are proud to be the first watch brand to assemble watches in Cincinnati since the Gruen watch company left in 1958.

Read "Interview with Master Watchmaker Jordan Ficklin" here

Cincinnati Watch Repair

Jordan also expands our service offerings beyond our own watches! We have established a service center and you are able to send your watch in and we will repair, regulate, and refinish your watch! 

Visit the Cincinnati Watch Repair page here for details and the service request form. Jordan services and repairs all watch brands from Rolex to battery replacement.