Delivery Time Frame

Your pre-order watch will be shipped by the month specified on the homepage when you ordered. We will ship the watches in the sequence that the order was placed. We make every effort to ensure your watch is delivered in the timeframe advertised, should an unlikely delay arise, we will contact you. In stock items usually ship between 1 and 2 business days. You will receive tracking when your order ships. Feel free to contact us with any questions: Jordan@cincinnatiwatch.com


The Cincinnati Watch Company provides a two year warranty on all of our watches. The warranty covers physical and operational manufacturing defects with the watch. The warranty does not cover damage to the watch, such as a drop, or scratches from normal wear. If the watch is used outside of the rated water resistance the warranty is void. We will inspect your watch and determine if it is eligible for warranty coverage, don't worry, we are reasonable people! We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase!

The warranty does NOT cover canvas, nylon or non metal watch straps.

For all warranty claims contact Jordan@cincinnatiwatch.com. The warranty covers shipping back to you once the watch is repaired, does not cover shipping to us.


If your watch becomes damaged and is outside of the warranty we will be happy to repair your watch. Contact Jordan@cincinnatiwatch.com with a brief description of the problem and you will be quoted a repair price.


Cincinnati watch company will refund your purchase within 14 days provided the watch is still in the original packaging, bracelet un-sized, original stickers in place and in perfect condition. We cannot refund custom work, like custom laser engravings.

To return a purchase contact: Jordan@cincinnatiwatch.com


We can not ship to P.O. Boxes.

Privacy Policy

Cincinnati Watch Company absolutely cares about your privacy. Please read below how we may be using marketing services that could affect your privacy concerns.

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No personally identifying information is collected and at no time is a contact form information connected with browser cookie data. This means that any and all data we receive aside from the information you provide is not connected to your name. For instance, we see a visitor visited from your town, the visitor stayed on our site for the duration of your visit, that the visitor visited specific pages, the source of how you came to our website such as a Google Search, a referrer from a different website, from our mailing list..etc. But we never have identifiable information associated with the visitors personal information.

IF you sign up for our newsletter we may run Facebook ads that show up on your Facebook Feed in order for you to see.

These ads could be in the form of Google pay per click (PPC) ads and/or banner ads, ads on the Google search results page, Facebook pages or a site in the Google Display Network. These ads could be placed on web sites the visitors to our website visit after they have visited our website. A browser “cookie” is placed on the visitor’s internet browser whereby Google, or other marketing providers, can display ads to that visitor on other websites on the internet.

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Cookies Used on This Website:

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Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager. Description: Google Tag Manager is a place holder on the website where other tracking scripts can be added to from off of the site. Google Tag Manager helps the website load faster.

Name: Double Click - id.

Description: This is a cookie placed on the website by Google Analytics. This tag would be used if we were building custom audiences to market to later using Google Paid Ads. That is, we may want to show ads to people who have visited our website or people that are of a demagraphic like the people who visited our website.

Double Click is recording anonymous user demographic information to create audiences that can later be marketed too in the form of banner ads on the internet.

Expires: 18 months

Google Adwords

Facebook Pixel - For Information on Facebook Cookies Click Here: https://www.facebook.com/polic...

Craft CMS

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Expires: Expires on end of session


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Description: Youtube, there is a cookie used by Youtube to track plays and demographics about the viewer. Is only triggered when the user plays the Youtube Video. Google does not store personally identifiable information for playbacks of embedded videos in this mode.

Expires: 30 Days.

YouTube (Cont)

Cookie Name: YSC

Description: There is a cookie used by Youtube to track plays and demographics about the viewer.

Is only triggered when the user plays the Youtube Video. Google does not store personally identifiable information for playbacks of embedded videos in this mode.

Expires: End Of Session.

Cincinnati Watch Company cares about your privacy and takes every step to make sure we are abiding by the most up to date privacy laws and guidelines. Feel free to email Rick Bell at rick@cincinnatiwatch.com or use the message form on our website if you have any questions or concerns regarding your privacy or the use of our website.

Contact Us:

Email: Jordan@cincinnatiwatch.com
Call: (5 1 3) 3 6 4 - 3 8 8 3

Thank you.