Dec 7th, 1941 Changed the Course of Our Families Forever

2,403 Americans lost their lives in Hawaii on the morning of Dec 7, 1941 in the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. After which both of my Grandfather enlisted, became Marines, and fought like hell for the next 4 years. Gratefully, both returned home.

In 1946 upon returning home from the war my Grandfather Tom purchased this water resistant Gruen Automatic watch, he wore it everyday of his life until 1992. He died still chased by the ghosts of his fellow Americans killed in action all around him during WW2. I am beyond honored to have been passed down the Gruen watch he purchased upon arriving home. Given to me at Thanksgiving, I certainly will have Jordan service and repair this Gruen Watch!

Gruen 1946
On this solemn anniversary of the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, that so suddenly changed the lives of our Grandmothers and Grandfathers in 1941, I'd like to share a visual way to learn about and memorialize your own families experiences in the war.
Using Google My Maps you can create a specific Google Map of the battles and timelines of your Veterans experience in WW2. You could take it a step further and create a Google Earth Flyover of their experience. (One day when I have a moment I hope to upgrade the Google My Maps to Google Earth flyovers).
They are not called The Greatest Generation for nothing. The word tough sneaks back inside when faced with the group of 16-18 year olds from 1941; leather learned what tough is from these guys. 

This Google My Maps documents the battles my Grandfather Tom, an 18 yo Marine in 1941 fought until the end of the war in 1945. The only reason my Grandfather survived the entirety of the war is because he manned a 3 pack howitzer, his team was behind the front lines and offered the front lines close support with precision shelling from their 3 pack howitzer. 
Zoom in, click on the markers to learn what happened at that location.

My Grandfather and hundreds of thousands of Americans put their life on the line to protect America and avenge the fallen at Pearl Harbor. 


I got most of the information about my Grandpa Tom's journeys from my Grandma, his wife, who knew the battles from the correspondances during and after the war. From her I learned what regiment, unit, and battalion he was in so I could study the location of the battalion as well from military records. From personal family research and researching the Unit and battalion I used Google My Maps to create this map of my Grandfather's battle through WW2.


We are not attempting to glorify war. War is Hell on Earth. No one should experience it. We work for peace and a vibrant global economy. We still have utmost respect and recognition for the men and women who serve and who have served our Country now and throughout history. We are truly eternally grateful.

On this Anniversary of Pearl Harbor, consider visualizing your loved ones travels in a Google My Map or Google Earth flyover.  It's a great way to learn about your ancestors and visualize their trials during this global upheaval.

An Important Ohioans WW2 History

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Paul Brown 

The story of Ohio Supreme Court Justice Paul Brown's capture in North Africa by Rommel and harrowing escape in Italy was the catalyst of the idea to use Google Maps & Google Earth to visualize their story. Zoom in, click on the markers to learn what happened at that location.


Thank You!