The BRISTOW'S AT THE BROADWAY Clock in Eugene, Oregon

Cincinnati Watch Company continues our Road Trip America heading from Portland, Oregon South by train to Eugene, Oregon.

We jumped on a Blue Bike right out of the train station, the best way to explore Eugene.

Eugene Oregon Train Station

On this trip, I fell in love! I fell in love with a clock.

The Bristow's At The Broadway Clock in Eugene, Oregon.

Now that I have explored spring-driven mechanisms and have fallen in love with their miniature intricate green energy magic, and get to work with Rick Bell and Jordan Ficklin each day, I was struck dead in my tracks upon hitting the Eugene town center to visit the Ken Kesey statue by the cool exhibition display in this town clock.

Visible from the Ken Kesey statue in Kesey Square, the "Bristow At The Broadway" clock is a Joseph Mayer Brothers Street Clock Company clock, a beautiful town clock whose magical feature is the glass exhibition base displaying a pendulum & weight-driven mechanical movement!

A Joseph Mayer Clock in Eugene Oregon, The Bristow Clock on Broadway


I tipped the Blue Bike onto its stand and jumped to the glass. Precision, Polished Brass. Beautiful.



Resource on Joseph Mayer Brothers Street Clock Company 


The Joseph Mayer Clock in Eugene Oregon display case clockworks


We can't completely leave out Eugene, so here are the highlights we can talk about:

The Beautiful Willamette River and it's many cool little private areas along her banks.

Willamette River Eugene Oregon USA

Those Oregon hippies don't have anything on our Ohio work ethic. (actually that hippie is from Ohio!)

Cincinnati Field Watch working on a stone driveway

This young man knows though. Plenty of room. Get Er Done!

Love this garden store of garden stores.

Down To Earth Garden Store Eugene Oregon

Ken Kesey Statue at Kesey Square

Ken Kesey Statue Eugene Oregon and members of Samba Ja

The McDonald Theater concert hall. Eugene, Oregon still has city regulations on building height. Very few buildings are over three stories tall.

McDonald Theater Eugene Oregon

Tiny's Tavern. If you know you know, if you don't know, you probably shouldn't.

Tiny's Tavern in The Whitaker

A portion of the beautiful Eugene Rose Garden

Rose Garden In Eugene Oregon

21 miles on Blue Bike Rental and I didn't even hit everything.

Blue Bike miles in Eugene

For the record Eugene, Oregon is a beautiful little town in the Pacific Northwest temperate rainforest. It rains 8 months out of the year but the Summer is immaculate. The Pacific Northwest is nestled between the Coastal and Cascade Mountain Ranges. The Cascade Mountain range is volcanic and therefore has many hot springs. The best thing to do in Eugene is to get out into the mountains for waterfalls, hot springs, and hiking. 

If you are going to visit Eugene, Oregon renting a Blue Bike is a great way to get around, get down to the river, rose garden, breweries, Kesey Statue. Take a hike on Skinners Butte and get out to the hot springs. The Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful parts of the World. Wearing the Cincinnatus Field Watch every day.