The Cincinnatian train at Winton Place station just off of Spring Grove.

"The Cincinnatian" Our Own Luxury Steam Train

Cincinnati, We Had Our Own Train!

...and Now we have our own watch!

The most luxurious train that ever embarked out of the Union Terminal train station was "The Cincinnatian", a luxurious steam train speedster that made the Cincinnati to Washington DC trip in 12 hours in 1948!

The Cincinnatian Steam Train


Amazing Luxury for its Day in 1948 

The Cincinnatian reinvented luxury train travel for its day boasting:

Air Conditioned Passenger Train Cars

Luxury Rail Cars of The Cincinnatian Steam Train were air conditioned


Restrooms in Every Passenger Car

Reclining Seats

Great Food

Relaxing Atmosphere

Amazing lounge areas - back when you could smoke in a train car! Things we take for granted now, was a luxurious upgrade then. Except for the smoking of course.

Train Cars Named After Our Vibrant Neighborhoods

What a tribute to our City's vibrant neighborhoods in 1948. Train cars often are given a name, especially luxury train cars. It's very cool that each passenger car on The Cincinnatian was named after a neighborhood in Cincinnati.

  • Hyde Park
  • Avondale
  • Peebles Corner
  • Norwood
  • Walnut Hills
  • College Hill

Real Film Footage Aboard The Cincinnatian!

This is an AMAZING treat! Jack Butterworth transferred his Father's film footage riding The Cincinnatian using a Cine-Kodak Eight Model 25 movie camera into digital and posted it to for all of us. Big Thanks to the "GothPapa" YouTube Channel! 


Really Great film through and through. Here are some highlights:

0:43 - The Cincinnatian Steam Engine backing down the track and footage of the entire train leaving the station. Producer's Family Enjoying the back car lounge lookout.

3:08 -  Is this footage of the the East bound "Cincinnatian" passing the West bound "Cincinnatian"? 


Take a Virtual Ride on The Cincinnatian

There is no way we can take a journey on The Cincinnatian today. The train has Looong since been out of service. Enter tech savvy historians at K&L Trainz who created an incredible virtual experience taking us on The Cincinnatian journey through all the stops between Cincinnati and Washington DC along the route of The Cincinnatian.

This video created by K&L shows off the names of the cars as The Cincinnatian pulls into the Cincinnati Union Terminal.  We are blessed to share this video of The Cincinnatian train by K&L and implore you to like their YouTube Channel.

Be sure to Look for: 

  • The names of our neighborhoods on the train cars 
  • How the Union Terminal Concourse extended over the track platforms
  • Tower A

 Warning: Loud Sound on Video.



Get Your Ticket and Get On The Train!


East Bound - West Bound Passing

Sleek, Luxurious, Beautiful, & FAST!!!

The Cincinnatian was not only luxury at its finest but it was also FAST! Going from Cincinnati to Washington DC in only 12 hours was incredible speed in 1948.

 Check Out The Cincinnatian Time Table On

Leaving Union Terminal The Cincinnatian first stopped in Winton Place (now called Spring Grove Village) and then Oakley before heading East out of town.

The Cincinnatian steam train in Winton Place Cincinnati Ohio, now called...

The Cincinnatian Steam Train at Winton Road Station


Cincinnatians, We Have Our Own Watch

Cincinnati, we have our own watch company. The Cincinnati Watch Company is rooted in our Community. What makes up our communities are the organizations and businesses that are formed by hard working people who put each other first and work toward something greater than ourselves. 

Cincinnatians are Unique:

  • Hard Working
  • Humble   
  • Intelligent 
  • Family Oriented
  • And LOVE quality when we get a chance!

Willing to Sacrifice for the greater good. - Like the thousands of members of the Tri-State Warbird Museum whom over time contribute their lives so that when a child walks into the museum their eyes and hearts light up and their understanding of history will take color and shape. Cincinnatians endlessly work to make tomorrow better.

The Cincinnatian watch is more than us. It is for All Cincinnatians. 

Watches Assembled in Cincinnati

Creating good American jobs while working toward bringing American manufacturing back to the States is a bed rock of the Cincinnati Watch Company. We are proud that all of our watches are designed and now (As of mid 2020) assembled in Cincinnati. 

As the Cincinnati Watch Company grows our near term goal is to hire more Cincinnatians to work with our Certified watchmaker to assemble watches creating good paying quality jobs here in Cincinnati. 

We are proud to now offer Watch Service and Repair.

The Cincinnati Watch Company is not just ours Cincinnati, it's all of ours. Let's grow together!




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